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The London Klezmer Quartet is a dynamic group of performers much in demand on the UK folk, world and pop music scenes. The band's deep understanding of klezmer, the celebratory and soulful music of pre-war Jewish Eastern Europe, is reflected in exuberant, passionate and accomplished performances that captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. LKQ has, individually and collectively, performed at many of the UK's best-known music venues and festivals, as well as around Europe and Australia.  Described by Frank London of the Klezmatics as “four of Europe's most talented klezmer musicians” the group plays traditional and new material guaranteed to move audiences from dancing to tears and back again in moments. More


Reviews (see also reviews and CD reviews pages)

"The most dexterous and interesting of contemporary klezmer ensembles." Folk Roots Magazine

“A fantastic sound with inventive arrangements, virtuosity, exciting original tunes and soulful playing.” Songlines Magazine

“When Buraczewska sang, all the earthiness, profound melancholy and celebratory joy you could desire came surging to the fore via her vast, singular contralto.” Sydney Morning Herald

“The LKQ is made up of four of Europe’s most talented klezmer musicians. They are great performers and teachers and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and excitement to their performances.” Frank London, The Klezmatics

"It may seem odd to find the shtetl being rebuilt inside the M25, but there's no lack of authenticity in the exuberant yet cultured playing of the violinist Ilana Cravitz, the accordionist Carol Isaacs, the clarinettist Susi Evans and the double-bassist Indra Buraczewska... While there's no shortage of dynamism here, the musicians dig deeper, too, bringing classical poise to the more introspective pieces. The tradition is safe in the hands of the next generation." The Sunday Times


LKQ - performance highlights

Dancing with LKQ at a 'Hopkele' or bush dance


Klezmer workshops with the LKQ

Audience reaction to an LKQ concert


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LKQ perth

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LKQ at Jamboree


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"Four of Europes's most talented klezmer musicians" Frank London, the Klezmatics