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Reviews of 'To the Tavern' (2016)
To the Tavern - tracks & video

"The group’s fidelity to klezmer’s rich past has been consistently coupled with a subtle and forward-thinking experimentation.. It’s a record of uninhibited playing, of travelling from town to town, inn to inn, dismantling otherness and difference through singing, dance, humour and sometimes emotionally wrought composition." fROOTS
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"One of the best bands in the UK playing Jewish klezmer music." London Evening Standard
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"Expert players... A fantastic collection of nostalgic reveries." Songlines Magazine
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"Traditional yet creative. Old tunes with a new twist - very enjoyable and dynamic." Radio Centre-Ville, Montreal

"What a great listen! Utterly convincing compositions of the band members, confirming them as amongst the leading klezmer composers of our generation. A beautifully conceived and well crafted album." Musicdeli
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"The LKQ is a band that goes from strength to strength on each album, and on this, their fourth, they've surpassed themselves.... There's an unforced, elegant dynamism and flow to the music and almost telepathic communication between the musicians." Stirrings
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"Highlights are almost too many to mention... Take some friends for a drive with the London Klezmer Quartet, if they don't thank you, find new friends." Northern Sky Magazine
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"Four talented women... An exuberant collection... By turns playful and mournful, but never less than totally enthralling." R2
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"The four ladies in the London Klezmer Quartet play confidently and skilfully old and new Klezmer tunes and Jiddish songs, on violin, clarinet, accordion and double bass. Most of the tracks are composed by one of the band members, in a traditional Klezmer style. The music has a lovely and relaxed swing to it. My personal highlights are the songs on the album, sung in Jiddish with an attractive dark and slightly smoky voice, and talking of food, drink and love. Recommended listening."


Reviews of 'London Klezmer Quartet Calling' (2014)
LKQ Calling - tracks & video

Evening Standard: "With artistry like this, the music doesn't have to be reinvented." Read more

fROOTS: "An essential combination of virtuosity and personality, caught between toe-tapping celebration and the most beautiful sadness, lacing all with rueful humour and soul... Elevating throughout." Read more

Trad & Now: "Individual virtuosity and superb sense of ensemble... a confidence that few groups achieve even after years playing together." Full article

FATEA: "Spirited, nifty and abundantly life-affirming...klezmer at its most beguiling and seductive". Full article

Spiral Earth: "The London Klezmer Quartet have an artist's ear for the subtleties of the original tradition whilst having a kick-the-chairs-over ability to party". Full article

Elaine Hoffman Watts, drummer and grand-daughter of Joseph Hoffman (track 8): Thanks for the great recording of Grandpop's tune. I enjoyed the liner notes too!!


Reviews of 'Butterfield Green, N16' (2012)

Songlines: “A fantastic sound with inventive arrangements, virtuosity, exciting original tunes and soulful playing.” Full article

The Sunday Times: "The tradition is safe in the hands of the next generation." Full article

fROOTS: "the most dexterous and interesting of contemporary klezmer ensembles... close to a contemporary urban klezmer classic." Full article

Fatea Records: "Vital, sometimes raucous and thoroughly enjoyable... Listen and tap your toes." Full article

Stirrings Magazine: "They can write, they can interpret, and by God, they can play." Full article

Folk London: "Trust me, they're good... there isn't a dull moment throughout... Lovely music, fine playing."Full article

Australian Jewish News: "The London Klezmer Quartet mesmerized its audiences." Full article

Radio Centre-Ville, Montreal: "A musical treat".

TradConnect: "LKQ pluck the bittersweet heartstrings of Klezmer with rare skill" Full article


Reviews of LKQ's debut album (2010)

“A stylish debut from four highly accomplished and in-demand musicians." Folk Roots magazine

"The musicians convey their tremendous affection for the sound and emotions nurtured by klezmer music. This CD succeeds in conveying the unique musical style and elevates the listener emotionally and spiritually. LKQ is a nice addition to any traditional collection of klezmer music, be it at home, at the synagogue, or at any interested library." Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

"The group has a wonderful acoustic sound, without anything getting in the way of the purity of the music. The arrangements are spot on, and the balance is just right. Whether it be a delicate doina or hora, a bouncing sher, or a blazing freylekhs, LKQ gives a masterful performance, full of exuberance and artistry... I can recommend it highly to both those just starting to build their Klezmer library, as well as those fans looking for a truly authentic sound amongst all the amped-up Klezmer that is being produced these days." Keith Wolzinger, Klezmer Podcast

"A truly great authentic klezmer CD." Stewart Curtis, K-Groove

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"Very intimate sound and mature readings" Stuart Brotman, Brave Old World